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About Backlink Indexing

Creating backlinks to a website is only part of an effective link building strategy. If the pages that these backlinks are on do not get indexed by Google and the other Search Engines they do not serve any value. As such, marketers must get their backlink pages indexed in order to benefit from them. For this reason there are several Backlink Indexing Services and Software available to make this process easier and quicker. Most of these types of services and software involve pinging the RSS feed for the backlink page but often include other steps to insure a high indexing rate. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Backlink Indexing Services and Software currently available.

Link Indexing Services/Software


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Date Listed:November 07, 2012

Price:$19.97 /mo

About:Lindexed ( is a popular link indexing/pinging service established in 2011 by Amino Kindi. The Lindexed indexing system is a 5 step process that includes creating and pinging content pages on multiple randomly picked more »


Date Listed:December 01, 2012

Price:Starting at $14.99 /mo

About:Backlinks Indexer ( is a popular link indexing service created by Dan Anton. Backlinks Indexer indexes backlinks by creating new links to existing backlinks from unique IP blogs, bookmarking sites, web 2.0 blogs, and more »


Date Listed:November 05, 2012


About:Content Notifier ( is a windows based SEO/Inedxing software developed by Jaydis Technology Solutions in 2011. In a nut-shell the Content Notifier software allows users to index and ping URLs at the same time more »


Date Listed:November 30, 2012

Price:Starting @ $27 /mo for 3,000 links indexed

About:Link Pipeline ( is a link indexing software/service developed by Matt Callen, a well known online marketer who has developed several other link building softwares and services. The Link Pipeline system automatically builds links more »


Date Listed:November 01, 2012

Price:Packages starting @ $8.00 /mo

About:Nuclear Link Indexer ( is a link indexing service offered by Kok Choon. The Nuclear Link Indexer service was first offered in 2010 and has had several developments since. The Nuclear Link Indexer service more »


Date Listed:November 07, 2012

Price:Free limited usage, $14.50 / mo Basic, $54.50 /mo Pro

About:Linklicious ( is a popular Link Indexing/Pinging service established in 2011 by Justin Anderson of HKSEO. With the ability speed up Google crawls and to track spiders, Linklicious offers a great option for anyone more »


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