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About Link Building Software

Building quality backlinks to a website is widely considered the most important aspect of SEO and is often the most difficult. As such, many program and tools have been developed to help assist in building, managing, and tracking a websites backlinks. If considering the purchase of a Link Building Software it should be noted that Google and other top Search Engines do not approve of the use of software to automate link building and often will penalize websites that use obvious automated link building methods. As such, the risk of using any “automated” Link Building software should be carefully considered before purchasing and it should never be used in a fashion that makes its usage obvious. Instead, Link Building Software and Tools should be used in a responsible and diversified manner to help save time in locating backlink opportunities, building backlinks, and managing backlinks. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are many of the most popular Link Building Software/Programs currently available. Also sometimes offering backlink building and management solutions, but listed in separate categories are Link Management Software and SEO Management Software.

Link Building Software


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Date Listed:November 09, 2012

Price:14 day free trial. $147.00 mo / thereafter

About:Established in 2007, LinkVana ( is a popular link-building platform offering a wide range of link building tools and services. Best known for their popular private article blog network, Linkvana also provides access to more »


Date Listed:July 19, 2013

Price:$24.00 /mo basic, $49.00 /mo pro

About:LotusJump ( is an easy-to-use SEO link building software first released in 2008 by Vizad Inc. The LotusJump software analyzes a users website and keywords and then scours and monitors the web to find more »


Date Listed:November 06, 2012


About:Rank Whizz ( is a link building software developed by Tom Andre Holen of The basis of the Rank Whizz software and how it is able to generate backlinks is by automating the more »


Date Listed:March 24, 2013


About:Backlink Automator ( is a Windows based backlink building software first released in 2011. The Backlink Automator software finds potential backlink sites by keyword search, shows the authority (page rank) of each site, and then more »


Date Listed:November 06, 2012

Price:Starting @ $47 /mo pro versions or 1 x $97 lite version

About:SEO Link Robot ( is a Windows based link building software developed by Stephen Hawkins that promises to help website marketers improve search engine rankings on any number of keywords. The software helps automate more »


Date Listed:December 23, 2013

Price:$7.00 first 7 days, then $67.00 /mo or $397.00 lifetime license

About:Backlink Beast ( is a SEO Link Building Software developed and marketed by Matt Callen. First released in 2011, Backlink Beast has been updated several times since to comply with the new Google more »


Date Listed:November 09, 2012

Price:Starting @ $45.00 /mo

About:Established in 2010, Link Aloha ( is a Link Building Software/Service and Private Article Blog Network developed by Koen Berkenbosch. Similar to Linkvana, LinkAloha is a link building platform that not only provides access more »


Date Listed:November 03, 2012


About:BacklinkTOPIA ( is an SEO link building software developed by internet marketer Clint Faber in 2012. The BacklinkTOPIA software promises to be a "Penguin/Panda" safe SEO link building tool that helps increase a more »


Date Listed:November 27, 2012

Price:$9.99 /mo lite, $67 /mo standard, $137 /mo premium

About:Backlinks Genie ( is a popular backlink building software that helps webmasters increase backlinks and manage their SEO campaigns. The software includes a keyword discovery tool, a competition analyzer, an on site SEO analyzer, more »


Date Listed:November 05, 2012


About:Instant Backlink Magic ( is a link building software offered by Mike Tyler. The basis of the software is locating relevant back-linking opportunities across the web where users can leave a comment to obtain more »


Date Listed:November 30, 2012

Price:$97.00 /mo

About:Auto SEO Backlinks ( is a profile backlink building system providing daily "Penguin Proof" backlinks. The Auto SEO Backlinks Software/Service generates 1000's of backlinks from forum posts on complete autopilot. All forum posts created more »


Date Listed:November 06, 2012


About:Auto Backlink Bomb ( is a popular Windows based backlink building software developed by Abs Ravji in 2010. The software is capable of creating backlinks across 6 widely used platforms (MyBB, Expression Engine, PhpFox, more »


Date Listed:January 01, 2013

Price:$4.95 30 day trial, $67.00 mo/ thereafter

About:Magic Submitter ( is a popular all-in-one submission software, capable of automating submissions to article directories, blogs, video sites, bookmarking sites, classified sites, directories, press release sites and more. Magic Submitter can be a more »


Date Listed:November 05, 2012

Price:$4.95 7 day trial, $77 /mo

About:RankBuilder ( is a link building software developed by Alex Goad & Maulana T. who combined have over 20 years of SEO experience. The RankBuilder software leverages many well known link building strategies including: more »


Date Listed:February 10, 2013

Price:$47 /mo or $397 one time license fee

About:EdwinSoft's UltimateDemon ( is a popular all-in-one link building submission software first released in 2011. Developed and released following EdwinSoft's successful releases of Bookmarking Demon, Rewriter Demon and Article Demon, Ultimate Demon was designed more »


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