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About BackLink Marketplaces

BackLink Marketplaces are platforms that connect marketers looking to buy links to their websites and publishers looking to sell links from their websites. BackLink Marketplaces are similar to In-Text Ad Networks but differ in that the link code used is a static html, allowing the links to be counted as backlinks, which aside from increasing traffic can also improve Search Rankings. Most often advertisers can choose between homepage backlinks, sub-url backlinks, or site-wide backlinks. The cost of purchasing backlinks on Link Marketplaces is typically priced on a monthly per link basis. A links price-point is typically determined by the Page Rank of the links webpage, but other factors such as number of incoming and outgoing links on the web page, the age of the domain name, and amount of traffic may also factor into a backlinks set price.  Purchasing backlinks is a rather common strategy for many SEOers but it should be noted that the practice is frowned upon by Google. As such, purchasing backlinks should be done at your own risk and if going this route, one should check to make sure that the Marketplace does not leave an obvious footprint. Another option for purchasing backlinks are SEO Forums offer which often have a link buy/sell/trade board and can be a good resource for buying and selling backlinks. Other similar category listings on this site include: Private Backlink Networks, Article (blog) Networks, & Guest Blog Networks. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Backlink Marketplaces currently available.

Backlink Marketplaces


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Date Listed:October 31, 2012

Price:Flat monthly rate per link

About:Link Vehicle ( is a backlink marketplace established in 2010 by Casey Bjorkdahl. LinkVehicle connects advertisers looking to purchase links or blog reviews with a network of high quality publishers and bloggers. Link Vehicle more »


Date Listed:October 25, 2012

Price:$0.10 - $500 per link per month

About:Backlinks4U ( is a online service that allows advertisers to buy text links (backlinks) from publishers looking sell text links on their websites. The Backlinks4u platform mediates the buying and selling of these text more »


Date Listed:October 24, 2012

Price:Flat monthly rate per link

About:Co-founded by Patrick Gavin and Bill Fish, Text-Link-Ads ( is a large Ad/Link Network with 45,000+ publishers providing purchased text backlink solutions. The Text Link Ads ad units are static HTML links, meaning not more »


Date Listed:October 25, 2012

Price:Starting @ $5 per post or review

About:Posts Genius ( is a unique advertising and SEO marketplace allowing marketers to buy sponsored backlinks in the form of articles, blog posts, or Reviews. The Posts Genius marketplace was founded by BackLinks Genius more »


Date Listed:November 06, 2012

Price:Per month per link pricing

About:LinkAdage ( is a popular and longstanding self service link marketplace first developed in 2003 by John Lessnau. LinkAdage offers targeted text backlinks assessable via their text link classified ads or their link brokerage more »


Date Listed:December 01, 2012

Price:Per month per link pricing

About:Links Management ( is a backlink service and marketplace offering a large inventory of categorized high Page Rank backlinks. The Links Management inventory of link properties include Page Rank 4 to Page Rank 10 more »


Date Listed:October 31, 2012

Price:Credit based - starting @ $1 per link per month ( is a popular backlink marketplace developed by John Sprock of Next Net Media, LLC in 2006. connects advertisers and marketers looking to buy backlinks with publishers and bloggers looking to sell more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:Monthly rate per link

About:Teliad ( is a global self service Link Building and Blog Posting marketplace that has been in business since 2005. The Teliad Backlink & Blog Marketplaces connect website Marketers looking to obtain relevant quality more »


Date Listed:October 26, 2012

Price:$2 - $300 / month per text link

About:Founded by Next Net Media, LLC in 2007, Authority Backlinks ( is an online link marketplace offering advertisers a platform to buy backlinks and for publishers an opportunity to generate revenue by selling links. more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:Free (link exchange) or $1 per link credit per month

About:Automatic Backlinks ( is a premium link exchange Network that also allows users to purchase one-way links. All websites within Automatic Backlinks Network/Marketplace are required to have both PageRank and mozRank. Users can specify more »


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