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About Link Building

Link Building is the process of increasing the number of links that point back to a desired domain and is an integral aspect Search Engine Optimization, oftentimes referred to as Off Page SEO. The number and the quality of backlinks pointing to a specific website are perhaps 2 of the most important factors that the top Search Engines use to determine how they rank websites in their search results. There are a number of strategies both well known and not that Webmasters use to build backlinks to their web properties. However, the top search engines, especially Google, consistently make changes to their ranking algorithms in attempt to penalize Webmasters that over optimize specific keywords and/or use obvious automated (black hat) or unnatural (paid) link building methods. Google’s most recent updates, “Panda,” “Penguin,” and “Hummingbird” have substantially changed the SEO game in recent years. Subsequently, many link building strategies that were once considered effective are now irrelevant and often even harmful. Most SEO experts today agree that the best post Panda/Penguin link building strategies include a more diversified backlink and anchor text profile, incorporating a strong Social Media Marketing plan, and simply focusing more on adding value to webpages content so that visitors are more likely to “naturally” link back it. Fortunately, as SEO continues to evolve most SEO and link building services, products and training resources are quick to adapt to the changes. In fact, Google’s search algorithm changes has spurred a whole new wave of SEO and link building products and services that often use “Panda/Penguin Safe” as a key selling point. Listed and categorized within this category for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Backlink Marketplaces, Backlink Networks, Link Building Services, Link Building Software, Link Building Tutorials and Courses, Link Indexing Services and Software, and Link Wheel Services. Specific popular Link Building Strategies categorized and listed elsewhere on the site include: Article Marketing, Directory Submission, Press Release Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0 Marketing, and Youtube and Video Marketing.

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Link Building


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Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:$249 per site self-serve, custom pricing full service

Sub-Category: Link Removal Services/Software

About:Remove'em ( is a popular self-service Backlink removal tool first released in 2012. The Remove'em tool helps Webmasters easily find harmful backlinks, contact webmasters for removal, track campaigns to see which links have been more »


Date Listed:December 01, 2012

Price:Link Wheel Packages starting @ $97.99

Sub-Category: Link Wheel Services

About:Link Wheel Pro ( is a link wheel service offering several affordable link wheel packages and other SEO services. There are 3 link wheel packages offered by Link Wheel Pro: Basic, Pro and Ultimate. more »


Date Listed:February 29, 2012

Price:Starting @$59.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:SeoSmartLinks ( is a SEO link building service founded by Chris Chong in 2010. SEO Smart Links provides search engine friendly back links from blogs, social bookmarks, and web 2.0 websites. SEO Smart Links more »


Date Listed:November 07, 2012


Sub-Category: Link Building Training/Tutorials

About:Best Backlinks Ever ( is a link building course and system offered by Dario Montes de Oca, a professional SEO specialist. Dario's Best Backlinks Ever system aims to show customers exactly how to generate more »


Date Listed:October 26, 2012

Price:$2 - $300 / month per text link

Sub-Category: Backlink Marketplaces

About:Founded by Next Net Media, LLC in 2007, Authority Backlinks ( is an online link marketplace offering advertisers a platform to buy backlinks and for publishers an opportunity to generate revenue by selling links. more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:Free (link exchange) or $1 per link credit per month

Sub-Category: Backlink Marketplaces

About:Automatic Backlinks ( is a premium link exchange Network that also allows users to purchase one-way links. All websites within Automatic Backlinks Network/Marketplace are required to have both PageRank and mozRank. Users can specify more »


Date Listed:May 21, 2012

Price:Starting @ $25 or negotiated hourly or project pricing

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:Freelancer ( has many freelance link building contractors that you can hire to build backlinks on an hourly or project priced basis or you can browse the several Link Building packages from the Freelancer more »


Date Listed:December 01, 2012

Price:Starting @ $0.20 per link

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:One Hour Backlinks ( is a backlink service offered by Justin Anderson, the developer of The One Hour Backlinks backlink service provides blog comment backlinks that have a high index rate (83.7% of more »


Date Listed:November 09, 2012

Price:Starting @ $45.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Link Building Software

About:Established in 2010, Link Aloha ( is a Link Building Software/Service and Private Article Blog Network developed by Koen Berkenbosch. Similar to Linkvana, LinkAloha is a link building platform that not only provides access more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012

Price:Starting @ $199.00

Sub-Category: Link Wheel Services

About:Founded in 2006, Submit Edge ( is a large SEO firm out of India, providing a wide range of SEO, link building, and submission services including their Link Wheel service ( SubmitEdge has developed more »


Date Listed:November 02, 2012

Price:Starting @ $47 for 179 links

Sub-Category: Backlink Networks

About:A subsidiary of Next Net Media LLC, Paid Backlinks ( is a blog link network offering high-quality backlinks. The network is comprised of thousands of unqiue IP wordpress blogs, with many aged 3-4 years. more »


Date Listed:November 01, 2012

Price:Packages starting @ $8.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Link Indexing Services/Software

About:Nuclear Link Indexer ( is a link indexing service offered by Kok Choon. The Nuclear Link Indexer service was first offered in 2010 and has had several developments since. The Nuclear Link Indexer service more »


Date Listed:February 20, 2013

Price:Starting @ $17.99

Sub-Category: Link Removal Services/Software

About:Backlink Report ( is a link reporting service that detects URLs and anchor texts that are likely to be penalized by Google Penguin and provides recommendations based on the data collected to help improve more »


Date Listed:February 21, 2013

Price:Track 10 links free, $0.01 per tracked link thereafter

Sub-Category: Link Analysis/Management Software

About:The OnlineBLT Backlink Tracker ( is a powerful web based program that allows SEOers and Website Owners to easily track and organize backlinks. For websites with hundreds or even thousands backlinks, finding a way more »


Date Listed:March 14, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, $99 /mo Pro, $249 /mo Agency

Sub-Category: Link Analysis/Management Software

About:Established in 2007, Raven Internet Marketing Tools ( is a SaaS (software as a service) provider based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Their popular cross channel marketing Software is the Web marketing solution of more »


Date Listed:November 07, 2012

Price:$27.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Link Building Training/Tutorials

About:Elite SEO Backlinks ( is a popular link building system and training membership offered by Paul Johnson, an experienced SEO professional who has more than a thousand high ranking webpages. With his Elite SEO more »


Date Listed:October 31, 2012

Price:Flat monthly rate per link

Sub-Category: Backlink Marketplaces

About:Link Vehicle ( is a backlink marketplace established in 2010 by Casey Bjorkdahl. LinkVehicle connects advertisers looking to purchase links or blog reviews with a network of high quality publishers and bloggers. Link Vehicle more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012

Price:Packages starting @ $79.00

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:Founded in 2006, Submit Edge ( is a large SEO firm out of India, providing a wide range of SEO and submission services including their Link Building Service Packages ( The Submit Edge Link more »


Date Listed:November 03, 2012


Sub-Category: Link Building Software

About:BacklinkTOPIA ( is an SEO link building software developed by internet marketer Clint Faber in 2012. The BacklinkTOPIA software promises to be a "Penguin/Panda" safe SEO link building tool that helps increase a more »


Date Listed:November 27, 2012

Price:$9.99 /mo lite, $67 /mo standard, $137 /mo premium

Sub-Category: Link Building Software

About:Backlinks Genie ( is a popular backlink building software that helps webmasters increase backlinks and manage their SEO campaigns. The software includes a keyword discovery tool, a competition analyzer, an on site SEO analyzer, more »


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