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About Facebook Fan Gate Apps/Templates

Facebook “Fan Gates,”  also called “Facebook Reveal Tabs” and “Like Gates” are popularly used Facebook Landing Pages for non-Fan visitors. Fan Gates encourage the visitor to become a fan by offering some sort of incentive (exclusive content, coupon, free gift, etc). These types of Facebook Landing Pages use iframes technology where if the visitor clicks the “Like” button and becomes a Fan they are automatically directed to the “Reveal page” to access the incentive content. Fan Gate Landing Pages often can provide a higher Fan conversion rate compared to using the standard Fan Page as a landing page and this technique commonly used with Facebook Ad Campaigns to increase fan conversion rates. Facebook Fan Gate Landing Page Apps typically provide templates, graphics packages, and a design editor to easily create customized Facebook Landing Pages, Reveal tabs, and reveal pages. Additionally, some of the larger web design template retailers like TemplateMonster now offer Fan Gate Template designs that can be purchased singly.  Most Fan Page App Management Platforms include a Fan Gate Landing Page solution, as do some Fan Page Design Software/Template packages. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP standalone Facebook Fan Gate Landing Page Apps and Templates currently available.

Facebook Fan Gate Apps/Templates


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Date Listed:July 31, 2012

Price:Starting @ $35.00

About:Founded in 2002, Template Monster (www.TemplateMonster.com) is a leading provider of web templates with a library of over 20,000 designs available for purchase. In addition to web design templates, Template Monster also offers Facebook more »


Date Listed:June 15, 2012


About:DoubleYourLikes (www.DoubleYourLikes.com) is a Facebook Landing Page App and Template package for the updated Timeline layout created my Internet Marketer James Grandstaff and his developer "Ryan." The DoubleYourLikes sales page is a 2 part more »


Date Listed:July 05, 2012

Price:$7.95 /mo

About:Like Page Builder (www.LikePageBuilder.com) is Facebook "Like" Landing Page creation Software using the latest iFrames technology. Like Page Builder allows users to easily create "Like" Fan Page landing pages for first time visitors that more »


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