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About Website Directory Submission Services

Website Directory Submission Services are SEO link building agencies or freelancers that submit websites to Website Directories either manually or through the use of Directory Submission Software on behalf of a website owner or marketer. When paying for this service is important to know whether the service is a manual submission service or a automated submission service, as automated submission services do not take as much time, typically to not receive the same results as manual submissions, and should cost less. Most Directory Submission Services offer volume discount packages where the price per submission is cheaper for higher quantity packages. In addition, most Directory Submission Services should offer to interchange anchor text and descriptions for the optimal SEO results. Another important point to keep in mind when considering a Directory Submission Service is that it is best to spread out submissions over time and not all at once, inorder to provide more natural looking Link Building to the Search Engines. Listed for user reviews and comparison are the top Website Directory Submission Services and Outsourcing Platforms for contracting directory submission freelancers. Specific niche Directory Submission Services listed elsewhere on this site are Article Directory Submission Services, Local Directory Submission Services, and Shopping Comparison Directory listing/management services.

Directory Submission Services


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Date Listed:April 22, 2012

Price:$19.99 /mo

About:IneedHits ( is a popular and well established Website Marketing company providing a variety of SEO, SEM and other website marketing services including their link building directory submission package ( Their directory submission package more »


Date Listed:June 06, 2012

Price:$3.00-15.00 /hr or negotiated project pricing

About:Elance ( has hundreds of freelance contractors that offer Directory Submission and other data entry submission services ( with hourly prices typically ranging from $3.00 to $15.00 an hour. Employers can also post their more »


Date Listed:April 21, 2012

Price:$25.00 /mo for 250 submissions

About:Get Links Pro ( is a SEO link building company based out of Mumbai, India that provides several different link building services including their Manual Directory Submission Service. The Get Links Pro directory submission more »


Date Listed:May 21, 2012

Price:Packages starting @ $12.00 or negotiated hourly or project pricing

About:Freelancer ( has a magnitude of freelance marketers that you can hire for Directory Submission projects on an hourly or project priced basis or you can browse the several Directory Submission packages from the more »


Date Listed:May 21, 2012

Price:Starting @ $4.50 for 50 PR4+ Directory Submissions

About:Based out of Houston, Texas WL Marketing ( was founded in 2008 by Warren Wong and provides a full suite of link building submission and other SEO Services including their popular Manual Directory Submission more »


Date Listed:June 12, 2012

Price:$50.00 for 500 directories

About:Not exactly a Directory Submission Service, SubmitWebsite2Directory ( is a directory network that accepts paid inclusions. SubmitWebsite2Directory offers 2 inclusion packages - $29.00 for 15 directories or $50.00 for 500 directories. All of the more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012

Price:Packages starting @ 15.00

About:Founded in 2006, Submit Edge ( is a large SEO firm out of India, providing a wide range of SEO, link building, and submission services including their Directory Submission services ( Submit Edge has more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012

Price:Starting @ $15.00 for 100 submissions

About:Blurbpoint Media ( is a large Website Marketing company with 250+ employees offering a wide range of Link Building, Social Media, SEO, and other website marketing services, including their Manual Directory Submission service ( more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012

Price:Starting @ $14 for 100 submissions

About:SubmitInMe ( also known as SIM is one of India's largest SEO companies offering a wide range of SEO, Submission, and Social Media services including their Manual Directory Submission services ( Since 2002 SIM's more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012

Price:Starting @ $10 for 50 submissions

About:IsellPageRank (, a eComp Enterprises LLC company, is a US based SEO firm providing a range of SEO and Link Building services including their Directory Submission packages. The IsellPR Directory Submission Service Packages start more »


Date Listed:April 05, 2012

Price:$0.14 per directory submission

About:Established in 2006 Directory Maximizer, ( is a popular manual Directory Submission Service. Directory Maximizer, provides several benefits for their customers including; only submitting to SEO friendly directories, allowing for up to 20 different more »


Date Listed:May 20, 2012

Price:$2.00 - $20.00 /hr or negotiated hourly or project pricing

About:The Odesk outsourcing platform ( has several contractors offering Directory Submission services ( and other link building services. Hourly prices for Directory Submission contractors on Odesk ranges anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00 an hour. more »


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