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About Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts (PVAs)

Most categories on Craigslist now require a Phone Verified Account (PVA) in-order to post an ad within the category. Implemented mainly as a measure to help reduce spam and bulk postings, Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts are Craigslist accounts that have been verified by a phone number through the Craigslist automated phone verification system. Typically, Craigslist PVAs must be created with a unique phone number (not associated with another Craigslist account), a unique non-proxy Ip address, a unique email address, and must be activated with a post within 48 hours of being made. Each PVA can only be used to post 1 time in 1 category per every 48 hours. Recently Craigslist also implemented PVA geo-blocking, meaning often-time the area the PVA was created must match the area the ad is posted on. While most Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts can last up to 4 months if used within the Craigslist guidelines, they are often deactivated much sooner if they are suspected or  flagged as spam accounts. The requirement of Craigslist PVAs to post ads within most Craigslist categories has spurred a demand for Craigslist PVAs, PVA Phone Numbers, and Number forwarding services used to create Craigslist PVAs. As such many scams and fly by night businesses have popped up offering these services. Many providers that sell Craigslist PVAs or Number Forwarding services, simply can not provide what they promise due to the measures Craigslist consistently takes to prevent the bulk creation and selling of PVA accounts. Perhaps the best and safest avenue for purchasing Verified Craigslist Accounts is outsourcing the creation of PVAs on one of the top Freelance Outsourcing Platforms (listed below). While we do not recommend or endorse the selling or purchasing of Craigslist PVAs, listed below for user reviews and comparison are most of the Craigslist PVA services currently available as well as the top Platforms for outsourcing the creation of Craigslist PVAs.

Craigslist PVA Services


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Date Listed:April 22, 2012

Price:$12.00 per single PVA

About:Founded in 2008, PVA Magic ( is a Craigslist Phone Verified Account (PVA) provider. PVA Magic claims that their Phone Verified Accounts are all manually made and created with a unique US land line more »


Date Listed:April 22, 2012

Price:Starting at $9.00 per number

About:PVA Spot ( is a supplier of disposable phone numbers that can be used to create Phone Verified Accounts (PVAs), including Craigslist PVAs. After ordering, their phone numbers are emailed within 2-5 business days more »


Date Listed:July 09, 2012

Price:Negotiated Hourly or Project pricing

About:The Odesk outsourcing platform ( has several Classified Ad posting contractors offering Craigslist Posting services. Additionally, Odesk can also provide a solution for outsourcing Craiglist PVA creation projects. It is free to post jobs/projects more »


Date Listed:July 12, 2012

Price:Negotiated project or hourly pricing

About:As one of the most widely used Freelance Oursourcing Platforms online, Elance ( has several experienced Craigslist contractors available and may provide a viable solution for outsourcing the creation of Craiglist PVA accounts. For more »


Date Listed:October 26, 2012

Price:Starting @ $39.00 for 5 PVA #'s

About:Real PVA ( is phone number forwarding service for the creation Craiglist PVAs. All phone numbers used are claimed to be U.S numbers that are valid for 90 days and allow for up to more »


Date Listed:October 26, 2012

Price:Starting @ $6.50 per phone #

About:Att Lines ( is a disposable phone number and phone forwarding service established in 2008, providing internet marketers with a solution for creating multiple phone verified accounts (PVAs). Att Lines guarantees their phone numbers more »


Date Listed:December 02, 2012

Price:Starting @ $7.00 per 90 day PVA number

About:PVA Blast ( is PVA (phone verified account) number forwarding service. Any calls made to the PVA Blast numbers ordered are forwarded to any phone number provided, providing those looking to create PVAs a more »


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