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About Classified & Craigslist Advertising Tutorials

With the emergence of Craigslist and countless other online classified ad websites, Classified Advertising has changed significantly in recent years. With so many online classified ad websites and the increasing difficulty of posting business ads on the most popular classified website, Craigslist, it can often be difficult for businesses to come up with effective classified advertising methods. This sub-category is for guides and tutorials on how to use Craigslist and other classified ads to effectively market a website, business or service. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the top Classified and Craigslist Advertising ‘How-To’ Tutorials currently available.

Classified Advertising Tutorials


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Date Listed:April 05, 2012


About:Great Newspaper Ads ( is a complete 'how to' Newspaper Advertising guide written by James Behan taking advertisers through 8 simple steps of creating a powerful newspaper display ads that get results. The Great more »


Date Listed:June 12, 2012


About:The C.L.A.S.S. Method - standing for Classified Listings Advertising Secret Sources ( is a Classified Advertising eBook providing its readers exactly where and how to generate traffic from Classified Ads on Classified Websites other more »


Date Listed:February 22, 2013


About:Craigslist Blackhat System ( is a short Craigslist Marketing video course presented by "Craigslist Mastermind" James Starr. The Craigslist Blackhat System includes 7 videos and nearly 80 minutes of video content where James reveals more »


Date Listed:February 22, 2013


About:Instant Lead Control ( is a Craigslist Marketing course compiled by Brenda Gagne in 2012. The Instant Lead Control course includes 7 Video Modules: Craigslist Overview, Lead Seduction System, Resource Rally, Craigslist Secret Strategies, more »


Date Listed:February 22, 2013


About:Craigslist Master Course "Craigslist Marketer Pro" ( is a detailed 27 page guide, presented by Steve Mount, providing step-by-step instructions on how to used Craigslist to generate massive amounts of traffic. Additionally, included is more »


Date Listed:January 13, 2014


About:CL Traffic Bananas ( is a Craiglist Advertising training program that reveals a system on how to turn Craigslist into a massive lead generator in less then one hour a day. CL Traffic Bananas more »


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