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About Press Release Marketing

Press Release Marketing is the practice of indirectly Marketing a business, organization, or website via News (Press) Releases. Press Releases are simply any type of newsworthy announcement that is written or recorded for the purpose of distribution to news media outlets (requesting publication). For businesses and organizations, Press Releases can provide an effective form of communication to reach a wide demographic (customers, consumers, shareholders, etc.). As such, Press Releases have been used for both Public Relations and marketing since their origin, over 100 years ago. Generally speaking, successful Press Release Marketing involves two main components: an optimized Press Release and an effective Press Release Distribution/Publication system. In-order to be considered for publication, Press Releases first must be written/formatted correctly and provide compelling newsworthy content (see Press Release Writing services). For Press Release distribution, the process can be completed manually by submitting Press Releases individually to a private media contact list, by accessing one of the many Press Release Newswire/distribution services available, or by utilizing a Press Release submission software. Most Press Release Distribution services also include additional features and premium add-ons such a formatting editor, writing services, social sharing, reporting/tracking, and other useful features – making them the most widely used solution for Press Release Marketing. As the trend of how news is delivered and read continues to shift from traditional channels to newer digital Media channels (online news sites, search engines, social media, mobile news apps etc.), Press Release Marketing has also adapted a more web based focus and continues to evolve – as do most digital marketing channels/strategies. For companies or organizations that do not have an in-house public relations or marketing department, there are wide range of Press Release Marketing services, solutions, and “how-to” resources available. Listed and organized within this category for user reviews and comparison are the Top all-in-one Press Press Release (writing + distribution) services, Press Release Distribution services, Press Release Writing services, Press Release Marketing software, Press Release Marketing books, and Press Release Marketing eBooks/courses.

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Press Release Marketing


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Date Listed:August 02, 2013

Price:Free basic, $35.00 per PR (premium), or starting @ $47.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Press Release Distribution Services

About:I-Newswire ( is a popular press release distribution center offering both a free basic Press Release distribution service and premium monthly Press Release distribution packages. I-Newswire's wide Distribution Network includes over 350 online partnerships, more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012


Sub-Category: Full Service Press Releases

About:Founded in 2006, Submit Edge ( is a large SEO firm out of India, providing a wide range of SEO, link building, and submission services including their Press Release Writing and Distribution service ( more »


Date Listed:August 04, 2013

Price:Starting @ $199 per Press Release

Sub-Category: Full Service Press Releases

About:PRMarketer ( is a full service (writing and distribution) Press Release marketing firm, established by brothers Michael, Patrick, and Anthony Santiago in 2010. PRMarketer provides a personal and completely hands-free Press Release marketing more »


Date Listed:April 11, 2014

Price:Free demo, custom pricing

Sub-Category: Press Release Software

About:Originally founded in 2007 as IpressRoom Inc. by Eric Schwartzman, iPR Software ( is a customizable PR software solution that publishes, hosts, and distributes News Releases to newswires, search engines, social media devices, mobile more »


Date Listed:May 22, 2012

Price:Starting @ $20 for 50 submissions

Sub-Category: Press Release Distribution Services

About:Based out of Houston, Texas WL Marketing ( was founded in 2008 by Warren Wong and provides a full suite of link building submission and other SEO Services including their Press Release Distribution services more »


Date Listed:August 02, 2013

Price:$199.00 - $499.00

Sub-Category: Press Release Distribution Services

About:eReleases ( is a leading Press Release distribution service first founded by Mickie Kennedy in 1998. With a wide network of over 100,000 opt-in journalists and a strong relationship with a leading Newswire (PR more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2013

Price:$18.95 + s/h or $9.99 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Press Release Marketing Books

About:I Need a Killer Press Release - Now What?: A guide to Online PR ( is a 158 page Press Release marketing book written by Janet Meiners Thaeler in 2009. Janet Meiners Thaeler is more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012


Sub-Category: Full Service Press Releases

About:SubmitInMe ( also known as SIM is one of India's largest SEO companies offering a wide range of SEO, Submission, and Social Media services including their Squeeze PR: Advanced Press Release service ( Since more »


Date Listed:August 05, 2013


Sub-Category: Press Release Software

About:Press Equalizer ( is an easy-to-use Press Release PC software first released by Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson in 2005. Press Equalizer helps users quickly write and format their Press Releases and then automatically more »


Date Listed:May 23, 2012


Sub-Category: Press Release Writing Services

About:Founded in 2006, Submit Edge ( is a large SEO firm out of India, providing a wide range of SEO, link building, and submission services including their SEO content and Press Release Writing service more »


Date Listed:June 02, 2012

Price:$3.00 - $45.00 /hr or negotiated hourly or project pricing

Sub-Category: Press Release Distribution Services

About:The Odesk outsourcing platform ( has several contractors offering Press Release Distribution services ( as well Press Release Writing and other submission services. Hourly prices for contractors on Odesk offering Press Release distribution services more »


Date Listed:August 02, 2013

Price:Free basic, Starting at $30.00 premium

Sub-Category: Press Release Distribution Services ( is a popular Press Release distribution service offering both free and premium distribution options. Aside from Press Releases, also provides a several other free business promotion services including company profiles, a more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2013

Price:$13.46 + s/h or $2.99 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Press Release Marketing Books

About:The Ultimate Press Release Swipe File: 50 Templates That You Can Use to Get Your Business Media Exposure Today ( is a 112 page Press Release Marketing guide and template package compiled by Pete more »


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