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About Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a broad marketing term that generally refers to any type of marketing or advertising via mobile computing devices (smartphones, tablets, and other hand held devices). Some of the most common Mobile Marketing strategies include: Mobile Website Optimization (see Mobile Web Design Software or Mobile Web Design Services), Mobile App Development, Mobile App/Mobile Web Advertising, SMS/Text Marketing, and Mobile QR Codes/Coupons. With the overgrowing popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile web use is expected to soon surpass traditional desktop/laptop web use. For most businesses, web based or not, having an optimized mobile presence is no longer just a benefit but rather a necessity to stay competitive in their markets and reach their consumers on the go. As such, their are a large number and a wide range of Mobile Marketing services, software, ad networks, and training resources available to help businesses and organizations improve their mobile presence. Listed and organized within this category for user reviews and comparison are the Top Mobile Advertising Networks, Mobile Affiliate Networks, Mobile Marketing Books, Mobile Marketing Training/Courses, Mobile Website Software & Services, QR Code Generator/Services, SMS/Text Marketing Software, Wordpress Mobile Plugins, and Wordpress Mobile Themes. Listed within a separate category are Mobile App Development products and services.

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Mobile Marketing


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Date Listed:August 05, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, Starting @ $9.00 /mo

Sub-Category: QR Code Services/Software

About:Barcode Connections ( is a QR code design, management and tracking platform first established in 2010. Barcode Connections allows businesses and mobile marketers to design and manage all of their QR codes from one more »


Date Listed:July 16, 2013

Price:Free reports, training modules starting @ $77.00

Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Tutorials/Courses

About:Mobile Marketing Profits ( is a Mobile Marketing Training firm out of Denver, Colorado, headed by Kim Dushinksi. Kim is a very experienced Mobile Marketer and a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of more »


Date Listed:February 12, 2013


Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Tutorials/Courses

About:The Mobile Marketing Certificate course (, from eBSI Online Academy, is a comprehensive 28 part, 7.5 hour Mobile Marketing training course, available via is a popular "online training course" platform connecting over more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2013

Price:CPC or CPA

Sub-Category: Mobile Advertising Networks

About:Adfonic ( is mobile ad buying platform providing advertisers and agencies access to a global mobile web and app inventory of over 300 billion monthly ad impressions. Adfonic was founded in 2008 by Victor more »


Date Listed:August 18, 2013


Sub-Category: Mobile Advertising Networks ( is a premium Mobile Advertising exchange network founded in January of 2010. The state-of-the-art advertising platform enables provides clients a smart way to reach their target audiences in the right context and more »


Date Listed:August 06, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, starting @ $499.00 /mo

Sub-Category: SMS/Text Marketing Software

About:Originally named NetworkText, Tatango ( is an industry leading SMS/Text marketing provider founded by Derek Johnson in 2007. Currently, Tatango has nearly a half million members and is responsible for delivering over 6 million more »


Date Listed:June 07, 2012

Price:$10.00-60.00 /hr or negotiated project pricing

Sub-Category: Mobile Website Design Services

About:Elance ( has several freelance contractors offering Mobile Web Design services ( as well other web design services, with hourly prices ranging anywhere from $10.00 to $60.00 an hour. While a contractors hourly rate more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2013

Price:$20.60 + s/h or $13.49 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Books

About:The Mobile Marketing Handbook ( is a 217 page Mobile Marketing book written by Kim Dushinski and updated in 2012. Kim Dushinski is the founder of Mobile Marketing Profits (, a mobile marketing firm more »


Date Listed:August 07, 2013

Price:Free Basic, $7.20 /mo premium

Sub-Category: Mobile Website Building Software

About:Founded by in 2009 by Itai Sadan and Amir Glatt, DudaMobile ( is a popular mobile website design platform, offering both do-it-yourself mobile website design/hosting solutions and a custom Mobile Website set-up and design more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2014

Price:7 day free trial, $15.20 /mo

Sub-Category: Mobile Website Building Software

About:bMobilized ( is a powerful mobile website builder first released in 2010. With a suite of powerful online tools and access to over 30 mobile plugins, bMobilized makes it easy to design and customize more »


Date Listed:August 05, 2013

Price:$35.00-$99.00 per QR code design

Sub-Category: QR Code Services/Software

About:Founded in 2011, QRlicious ( is a mobile marketing firm out of Denver, Colorado offering a custom QR code design service, a mobile landing page solution, and mobile marketing training. The QRlicious custom designed more »


Date Listed:August 22, 2013


Sub-Category: Mobile Affiliate Networks

About:Established in 2010, OfferMobi ( is the first U.S. based Mobile Performance Advertising Network. For advertisers OfferMobi helps take advantage of the mobile web to reach the right consumer with the right message at more »


Date Listed:February 21, 2013

Price:$45 personal (2) licenses, $75 Business (10) licenses

Sub-Category: Wordpress Mobile Plugins

About:PluginBuddy Mobile ( is a Mobile Wordpress Plugin developed by iThemes ( Founded in 2008 by Cory Miller, iThemes is a popular one-stop-shop for Wordpress themes, plugins and training. The iThemes PluginBuddy Mobile is more »


Date Listed:March 13, 2013

Price:Themes starting @ $25.00

Sub-Category: Wordpress Mobile Themes

About:ThemeForest ( is a leading website template, script and theme Marketplace, offering a wide range of premium Wordpress Themes and Plugins including Wordpress Mobile Themes ( The ThemeForest Wordpress Mobile Theme marketplace includes over more »


Date Listed:December 14, 2012


Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Tutorials/Courses

About:Available from, Kim Dushinski's Mobile Marketing for your WordPress Site ( is a comprehensive 21 part 4+ hour course teaching students how to Mobilize their Wordpress sites. is a "online training course" more »


Date Listed:August 26, 2013


Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Tutorials/Courses

About:Bootcamp Digital ( is a digital marketing training and consulting company founded by Krista Neher in 2008. Krista has over a decade of online marketing experience and is best-selling author and a highly regarded more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2013

Price:CPC ($5.00 per day minimum ad spend)

Sub-Category: Mobile Advertising Networks

About:BuzzCity ( is a global independent mobile advertising network headquartered in Singapore and with offices worldwide. With over 7,000 publishers and billions of mobile ads served worldwide each month, BuzzCity is the mobile ad more »


Date Listed:August 15, 2013

Price:CPC & CPM

Sub-Category: Mobile Advertising Networks

About:Founded in 2010, Adiquity ( is a global mobile advertising platform providing solutions for mobile advertisers, mobile publishers, and App developers. Adiquity currently has over 10,000 publishers/developers in its network, 70+ mobile ad network more »


Date Listed:August 06, 2013

Price:Starting @ $29 /mo or 5¢ per message (pay as you go)

Sub-Category: SMS/Text Marketing Software

About:Call Loop ( is an all-in-one Mobile Messaging (SMS and Voice Broadcasting) software released in 2009 by Ronnie Andrews Jr. and Chris Brisson. Key features of the Call Loop software include easy 3rd party more »


Date Listed:June 05, 2012

Price:Negotiated hourly of project pricing

Sub-Category: Mobile Website Design Services

About:Freelancer ( does not have many specific set priced Mobile Website Design Services advertised on their Freemarket Marketplace (, however, as one of the largest freelancer and crowdsourcing platforms online with thousands of experienced more »


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