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About Link Building

Link Building is the process of increasing the number of links that point back to a desired domain and is an integral aspect Search Engine Optimization, oftentimes referred to as Off Page SEO. The number and the quality of backlinks pointing to a specific website are perhaps 2 of the most important factors that the top Search Engines use to determine how they rank websites in their search results. There are a number of strategies both well known and not that Webmasters use to build backlinks to their web properties. However, the top search engines, especially Google, consistently make changes to their ranking algorithms in attempt to penalize Webmasters that over optimize specific keywords and/or use obvious automated (black hat) or unnatural (paid) link building methods. Google’s most recent updates, “Panda,” “Penguin,” and “Hummingbird” have substantially changed the SEO game in recent years. Subsequently, many link building strategies that were once considered effective are now irrelevant and often even harmful. Most SEO experts today agree that the best post Panda/Penguin link building strategies include a more diversified backlink and anchor text profile, incorporating a strong Social Media Marketing plan, and simply focusing more on adding value to webpages content so that visitors are more likely to “naturally” link back it. Fortunately, as SEO continues to evolve most SEO and link building services, products and training resources are quick to adapt to the changes. In fact, Google’s search algorithm changes has spurred a whole new wave of SEO and link building products and services that often use “Panda/Penguin Safe” as a key selling point. Listed and categorized within this category for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Backlink Marketplaces, Backlink Networks, Link Building Services, Link Building Software, Link Building Tutorials and Courses, Link Indexing Services and Software, and Link Wheel Services. Specific popular Link Building Strategies categorized and listed elsewhere on the site include: Article Marketing, Directory Submission, Press Release Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0 Marketing, and Youtube and Video Marketing.

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Link Building


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Date Listed:December 01, 2012

Price:Link Wheel Packages starting @ $97.99

Sub-Category: Link Wheel Services

About:Link Wheel Pro ( is a link wheel service offering several affordable link wheel packages and other SEO services. There are 3 link wheel packages offered by Link Wheel Pro: Basic, Pro and Ultimate. more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:$249 per site self-serve, custom pricing full service

Sub-Category: Link Removal Services/Software

About:Remove'em ( is a popular self-service Backlink removal tool first released in 2012. The Remove'em tool helps Webmasters easily find harmful backlinks, contact webmasters for removal, track campaigns to see which links have been more »


Date Listed:February 29, 2012

Price:Starting @$59.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:SeoSmartLinks ( is a SEO link building service founded by Chris Chong in 2010. SEO Smart Links provides search engine friendly back links from blogs, social bookmarks, and web 2.0 websites. SEO Smart Links more »


Date Listed:November 07, 2012

Price:$27.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Link Building Training/Tutorials

About:Easy Monthly Links ( is Link Building system and training membership offered by Francis Murray since 2010. The Easy Monthly Links "Monthly" report includes: 100 WordPress site that you can place your backlinks, 100 more »


Date Listed:December 23, 2013


Sub-Category: Link Building Training/Tutorials

About:EDU Rocket ( is a Link Building guide focusing on building .EDU and .GOV backlinks. The EDU Rocket package includes an eBook providing 20 high page rank .EDU and .GOV link sources, 20 videos more »


Date Listed:December 01, 2012

Price:Per month per link pricing

Sub-Category: Backlink Marketplaces

About:Links Management ( is a backlink service and marketplace offering a large inventory of categorized high Page Rank backlinks. The Links Management inventory of link properties include Page Rank 4 to Page Rank 10 more »


Date Listed:May 19, 2012

Price:$2.00 - $20.00 /hr or negotiated hourly or project pricing

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:The Odesk outsourcing platform ( has many contractors offering several types of Link Building services ( as well as other SEO services. Hourly prices for Link Building contractors on Odesk ranges anywhere from $2.00 more »


Date Listed:November 01, 2012

Price:$67.00 a month

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:Backlinks Automation ( is a 'set and forget' backlink building service offered by Winson Yeung. The service is a monthly backlink building service which includes 60 Unique Backlinks per month on up to 5 more »


Date Listed:November 06, 2012


Sub-Category: Link Building Software

About:Rank Whizz ( is a link building software developed by Tom Andre Holen of The basis of the Rank Whizz software and how it is able to generate backlinks is by automating the more »


Date Listed:March 24, 2013


Sub-Category: Link Building Software

About:Backlink Automator ( is a Windows based backlink building software first released in 2011. The Backlink Automator software finds potential backlink sites by keyword search, shows the authority (page rank) of each site, and then more »


Date Listed:November 02, 2012

Price:Starting @ $379.00

Sub-Category: Link Wheel Services

About:SEO Link Wheelers ( is a link wheel service offered by Mark Durkin and Thomas E. Vasquez. SEO Link Wheelers offers 3 link wheel options, their platinum (84 part link wheel), gold (52 part more »


Date Listed:November 06, 2012

Price:Starting @ $79.00

Sub-Category: Backlink Networks

About:Contextual Backlink ( is a backlinking service offering membership access to their network of high quality websites and blogs. Backlinks placed within the network are permanent "Contextual Backlinks," that are not removed if a more »


Date Listed:July 17, 2013

Price:Starting @ $995.00

Sub-Category: Link Removal Services/Software

About:Orp Media Link Removal ( is a 100% human Backlink removal service offered by Keith Terrel to remove harmful unnatural backlinks. In recent years and mainly due to Google's Panda and Penguin clean up more »


Date Listed:January 25, 2014

Price:Free consultation, custom pricing

Sub-Category: Link Removal Services/Software

About:RankRescue ( is a backlink removal service provided to help Website owners clean and manage their backlink profiles. The RankRescue service includes an inbound backlink profile audit and providing a list of links more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:Free trial, starting at $29.95 /mo

Sub-Category: Link Analysis/Management Software

About:Links Manager ( is a leading cloud based link management platform providing a patented suite of SEO compliant backlink management and link exchange tools. Features of the Editor-Based Link Management platform include the ability more »


Date Listed:November 07, 2012


Sub-Category: Link Building Training/Tutorials

About:The Backlink Commander ( is link building guide providing advice and strategies on how to outsource backlinking. The Backlink Commander course includes around 40 minutes of video and a 20 page PDF report which more »


Date Listed:October 31, 2012

Price:Credit based - starting @ $1 per link per month

Sub-Category: Backlink Marketplaces ( is a popular backlink marketplace developed by John Sprock of Next Net Media, LLC in 2006. connects advertisers and marketers looking to buy backlinks with publishers and bloggers looking to sell more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:Monthly rate per link

Sub-Category: Backlink Marketplaces

About:Teliad ( is a global self service Link Building and Blog Posting marketplace that has been in business since 2005. The Teliad Backlink & Blog Marketplaces connect website Marketers looking to obtain relevant quality more »


Date Listed:June 07, 2012

Price:$5.00-20.00 /hr or negotiated project pricing

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:Elance ( has many freelance contractors offering Link Building services ( as well as other Search Engine Optimization services, with hourly prices ranging anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00 an hour. While a contractors hourly more »


Date Listed:November 02, 2012

Price:Starting @ $19.95 /mo for 1000 links

Sub-Category: Link Building Services

About:First established in 2005, Cyber Link Pro ( is a longstanding link building service/system allowing marketers to buy text bulk backlinks at affordable prices. The Cyber Link Pro text link inventory comes from hundreds more »


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